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Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated The Amazon - Patrick Tierney

Hey! We knew this! Still, the American Anthropological Association is rocked and shocked. Whatever. The discoveries and conclusions here may be trite to liberals everywhere, but Patrick Tierney frequently risked life and limb (not to mention academic association) in order to tell this story. This book rightfully has won at least one award so far (I can't remember which), and I'm sure it's destined to become even more lauded. It might even stop the madness, albeit much, much, too late. Oh... what madness? Scientific and economic exploitation of the indigenous Yanomami, resulting in an odorously inelegant annihilation of yet another group of "primitive, savage" folk. Just the same way the "earth peoples" have been greeted by Westerners everywhere. Except that this wasn't your grandfolks; this story unfolds right up into a gory decade of the '90's. Rocked and shocked, indeed.