Darkness in El Dorado Controversy - Archived Document

Internet Source: The Todd Mundt Show, December 11, 2000
Source URL (Archive.org): http://www.toddshow.org/log/dailylistings/12112000.html

The Todd Mundt Show

Patrick Tierney, anthropologist, talks with Todd about the history of anthropological research of the Yanomami people, a primitive tribe found in Venezuela and Brazil. He tells Todd about the allegations of abuse he has made against anthropologists, medical researchers, and journalists. According to Tierney the actions of unethical researchers have caused the Yanomami to experience wars, epidemics, and degradation of their culture. His book is "Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon".

Louise Lamphere, president of the American Anthropological Association, talks with Todd about the anthropology community's reaction to Patrick Tierney's "Darkness in El Dorado." A task force has been created to investigate the allegations made by Tierney.

John Lycett, an anthropologist at the University of Liverpool, talks with Todd about his study of the way males and females use mobile phones in a public space. He found that while women use their phones to make and receive calls men are more likely to display and fidget with their phones, exhibiting them as an indicator of status and wealth.