Darkness in El Dorado Controversy - Archived Document

Internet Source: Challenge, April 11, 2001
Source URL (Archive.org): http://www.plp.org/cd01/cd0411.html#RTFToC20#RTFToC31


Chagnon's crimes have shaken U.S. anthropologists, who tend to be more left-leaning than most academics. Their national association began a formal investigation last month. But leaders of the academic right, who regard Chagnon's "research" as the poster child of human sociobiology, launched a pre-emptive strike against Tierney's book even before it was published, according to a Science magazine investigative reporter.

Chagnon's defenders campaigned by e-mail to discredit Tierney, lining up sociobiologist E.O. Wilson, philosopher Daniel Dennett, zoologist Richard Dawkins of "selfish gene" fame, psychologist Steven Pinker and science writer Matt Ridley. These men have no expertise in anthropology, human genetics or the Yanomami, and had not even seen Tierney's book. They are all hardcore biodeterminists; each is celebrated for pushing the idea that genes rigidly control human behavior. This struggle is clearly very important to the ruling class and its academic bloodhounds. Our Party can give the leadership exposing the political motives and inevitable spread of fascism behind such "science".